“Play” at Proteus Gallery, 2007

Three pieces, including Balancing Ax, will appear in Proteusí year long exhibit. For information about “Play,” go to & click on Interdiciplinary Exhibits, on the left.

Corridor Gallery, 2004

The digital tour of the 2004 solo exhibition



While i may have worked out the idea of marrying western alphabets with asian vertical calligraphy before her, Inkslinger is the master of Shodou that I am not.

The self-exiled Chinese master Xu Bing has, amongst other things, developed a “square style” form for writing English as if each word was a separate Chinese character. This is a very rich & wonderful site for anyone engaged by visual & conceptual language arts, with far more involved than just another way to write English.

A totally unique way of writing in any direction with great beauty and grace. Unlike Xu Bing, C. C. Elian’s form uses a system of marks that correspond to individual letters according to her own sets of rules.

The Frank Gehry Intervention

DEVELOP DONíT DESTROY BROOKLYN (DDDB) leads a broad-based community coalition opposing Forest City Ratner's “Atlantic Yards” proposal while advocating development that will unite our communities instead of dividing and destroying them. Please donate towards the DDDB Legal Fund to help us defeat this out-of-scale Brooklyn mega-project.

This blog provides detailed analysis across a wide range of subject areas and regularly exposes fraudulent claims regarding the Atlantic Yards project.

No Land Grab’s website covers the Atlantic Yards project with an added focus on issues surrounding Eminent Domain.   The site has become the repository for virtually all current information.  It is updated daily.   This link directs you to their security archives page.

Web Design & Construction

Lou specializes in photography and web design. Based on my design documents Lou successfully created the information architecture, visual design, Flash clips, video integration, HTML, CSS, actionscript, and JavaScript for this extensive site.